Ralph’s Story

Saturday, July 6th, 2019

Ralph has struggled with addiction for more than 20 years. Ralph and his wife are parents to a 3-year old daughter. Ralph had been sober for nearly 3 years when he began drinking at the holidays. This led to an overdose due to fentanyl in front of his daughter. After spending time in the hospital, Ralph decided he needed more help and entered Phoenix House in March 2019. Ralph’s time at Phoenix House has been “amazing but emotional.”  According to Ralph “My attitude has changed tremendously since I first got here. When I first got here all I wanted was for time to fast-forward, but with some exposure to the program, I’m enticed and wanting to learn more about myself and take advantage of all Phoenix House has to offer.”

Ralph has now been clean for 112 days. Since coming to Phoenix House, Ralph has completed multiple programs including relationships & connections, relapse prevention, participated in the Fatherhood initiative, plays sports and is head of the laundry department. Ralph’s responsibilities are rewarded as he earns time to spend with his daughter.

“My goal & hope is to hold onto my recovery and never let go because without it I will lose my daughter.” Ralph also hopes to become a substance abuse & alcohol counselor upon leaving Phoenix House. He was a general manager in restaurants for ten years but thanks to Phoenix House he’s learned that environment is not conducive to his recovery and is planning to do things differently.

“Phoenix House has forced me to chase recovery. It wasn’t always comfortable, but it was well worth it and I’m a changed person for it. I’m going to take that passion and love and apply it all facets of my life, particularly being a better father. A father who stays clean and sober one day at a time. I look forward to the journey with my wife and daughter.”

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