Spreading Our Wings

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

I became part of Phoenix House a year and a half ago—a short time when you think of the organization’s 43-year history, but long enough to feel passionately about what Phoenix House is and what it represents.

I couldn’t have arrived at a more exciting time. By incorporating the latest research-proven treatment innovations, we’ve made tremendous progress over the past couple years. Now, more than ever before, we’re able to meet our clients’ individual needs and live up to our mission—to lead individuals, families, and communities affected by addiction from disrupted to productive lives.

It was with this sense of progress in mind that many of us recognized the need to revitalize Phoenix House’s look and feel. So, starting last winter, we joined forces with the talented, creative team at Siegel+Gale, a premier branding company, to develop a new Phoenix House logo and tagline. The result is what we call the “Wings of Hope”—bright, multi-colored wings evoking the mythical phoenix, and the uplifting words “Rising Above Addiction.”

For me, the most incredible moment was seeing the reaction when we unveiled our new look at the second annual A&E Recovery Rally on September 12. Phoenix House clients, alumni, family, and friends lined up, eager to get their hats and t-shirts with the new logo. As one program alum told me, “The ‘Wings of Hope’ remind me of the calm after the storm—the storm being addiction and treatment. Once you find the tools to implement a change within yourself, it’s the most amazing thing.”

As we marched across the Brooklyn Bridge, no one could miss our bright, new emblem. We stood out in the crowd of 10,000—just as we’ve stood out as an organization over the past 43 years. That day, we looked the way we felt—proud, strong, and optimistic about the light at the end of the tunnel.  Together, we honored members of our community and took another important step toward erasing the stigma of addiction. 

Since the Rally, colleagues from the across the Phoenix House community have shared with me their own interpretations of the wings. One of my favorite responses came from a staff member who has been with Phoenix House for more than twenty years, first as a client and then as an employee. She finds that the new logo aptly reflects the Phoenix House philosophy, because, as she says, “the ‘Wings of Hope’ empower people to fly on their own.” To me, her words capture the essence of our message: Recovery is possible, and when we learn to manage the chronic disease of addiction, we can—and will—achieve our dreams.

Now, we want to hear what the “Wings of Hope” mean to you. How do they reflect your Phoenix House experience? We invite you to share your thoughts here or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Our combined stories of strength and triumph are what the wings are all about.

Karen Sodomick
Vice President and Director,
Marketing and Communications, Phoenix House
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  • Karen- There could not be a better symbol for Phoenix House than the Wings of Hope. There is so much optimism and motivation attached to it. I love the simplicity of the logo and the colors too!