Our New Years Resolutions

Friday, January 13th, 2012

New Year FavorsA new year signifies a new beginning.  For people in early recovery, it’s often a time mend broken relationships—with family, friends, and most importantly, with ourselves.  For those in long-term recovery, it’s a time to reaffirm the commitment to sobriety and to make the most of second chances.  And for clinicians, it’s an opportunity to reflect on how we can better empower people to turn their lives around.  This year, we asked the entire Phoenix House family—alumni, clients, and staff—to share their New Year’s resolutions.  Below is a sampling of their hopes, goals, and dreams for 2012:

From Our Alumni:

 “To help others still in the madness, to inspire people to change their lives just like I have! There is life after addiction. I have just spent New Years with my family, most of whom I haven’t seen in 15 years. I didn’t know that life could be like this. There are NO words to describe how I feel right now and I want to share this with all those who do not understand that ANYTHING is possible once a decision is made to put down drugs once and for all.  I am so grateful now for the little things in life, and my journey began at Phoenix House.”

“To pay my blessing forward in any way I can.”

“Since Christmas Eve, I’ve had four years clean.  My goal is continue doing this one day at a time.”

“I want to ‘do me.’ I love doing things for others but I tend to overdo it to the point where I neglect myself.  Thank you Phoenix House for helping me see what behaviors need working on. PUSH UP!”

From Our Clients:

 “Be a good dad to my kids, stay sober, and keep learning about myself.”
—Client from Phoenix House of Orange County, CA

“By the grace of God, while I was drinking I never ended up in jail, with a DUI, killing someone, or losing my family, my friends, or my life. This year, I want to internalize the FACT that I cannot drink.  I want to go to meetings; pray; share at meetings; call my sponsor or anyone in my support group; talk to my wife, daughters, family, and friends; work the steps; read AA literature; and love, honor, and serve God.”
—Joe, Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic

“Stop smoking, complete the Phoenix House program, get into a sober living house, complete more units in college, get a car, learn to sing, have a relationship with myself.”

“Exercise more, quit smoking, get healthy, volunteer with animals.”

“Get my GED.”

“Go to school and focus on getting to know myself better.”

—Four clients from Phoenix House Santa Fe Springs

From Our Clinicians:

 “My intention this year is to fully embrace each life experience, good and bad, easy and difficult; to accept the bitter and the sweet that recovery brings; and to live in the truth of each moment.”
—Laurie Guffey
Primary Counselor, Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic

“My own New Year’s resolution is to be kind to myself and take good care of the body that God gave me. As clinicians, we have a tendency to put others before ourselves and sometimes forget that we need to love ourselves and prioritize! Happy New year to all my colleagues and clients.”
—Sharon Elise Gingola
Social Worker, Phoenix House Military Services Program

“I am elevating my expectations.”
—Robert Smith
Counselor, Phoenix House Citra Center

“I plan not to rest on my laurels—one day at a time!”
Mary Moon-Maxwell

“I will listen more closely to what people say and be more empathetic.”
—Londi Alberti
Director, Phoenix House Brentwood Community Residence

“I plan to obtain more counseling credentials. I feel that we need to become more aware of the impact the entire family unit has on the individual and the individual must become aware of the impact their choices have on that unit.”
—Henry Chester, Substance Abuse Counselor, Phoenix House Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center




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