Our #GivingTuesday Recap

Monday, December 17th, 2012

Last month, Phoenix House proudly joined Giving Tuesday, a national movement to create a new holiday devoted to giving back. Phoenix House was one of more than 2,000 partner organizations to sponsor an act of kindness on the first-ever Giving Tuesday, November 27, 2012.

For our Giving Tuesday campaign, we asked friends and supporters to write letters of encouragement to the men, women, and teens in our treatment programs nationwide. As soon as we put out this request, inspiring letters started pouring in from all over the country, as supporters let our clients know they are not alone. Here are just a few excerpts from the many moving notes we received:

“What I would like for you to know is that for every hour of every day you are working hard at Phoenix House, there are loved ones thinking of you and caring about you from wherever they are.  There are also families like mine that understand your struggles and appreciate the hard work you are doing to become a healthy, kind and wise person.  We think of you often and are thankful that you are brave enough to keep facing challenges and growing every day.”
—Mandi, Commerce, Mi.

“Please remember that you are not alone.  No matter how alone you ever may feel, there are people out there who love you, who care about you, who are cheering for you, and who want you to find peace and happiness. Some of those people may be your family and friends, or people you see every day.  But some of the people who care about you may be people you don’t see all the time, or don’t even know yet. I am one of those people.  At the moment I am writing this I do not yet know you, but I can assure you that I am somewhere out there in the world caring about you, praying for your happiness.”
—Sara, New York, NY

“May you have enough of everything you need to create a space for recovery in your life. That means enough pain to make you want to push through it. Enough hope to keep you growing every day. Enough love to sustain you when the road is lonely, because it is sometimes lonely. That’s a life thing, not a sobriety thing. May you have enough hunger to drive you forward. Enough laughter to make you take yourself less seriously. And may you come to treasure your experience and to defend it with your life.  Because it’s incredibly valuable.”
—Nina, Austin, TX

On Tuesday, November 27, counselors in each of our regions—New York, New England, Texas, California, Florida, and the Mid-Atlantic—distributed these and other motivational messages.  Our clients, many of whom have lost ties with loved ones as a result of their addictions, were grateful for the encouraging words.

“Our clients were quite touched and felt very much cared about as a result of these letters,” said Judith Campbell, Program Director of our Phoenix House Feinberg Academy in Dallas.

In Florida, Phoenix House Citra Center’s Patricia Mowery told us, “The clients I gave the letters to reacted with surprise. They really realize now that they are not alone in the boat with the struggles they are having in recovery.”

On behalf of everyone here at Phoenix House, we thank our friends and supporters for taking the time to acknowledge our clients’ progress and determination. As one of our clients put it, it was comforting to discover that “even people who we don’t know want us to do well.”

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