From Homeless to Healed: Debbie’s Story

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Debbie’s rock bottom was worse than anything she could have imagined.  Fortunately, she had somewhere to turn:

“The worst moment of my addiction was when I was evicted from my apartment because of my drug use—I ended up living on the street. By then, I had already been to detox at the local hospital three times, but I had never made it to residential treatment. During my fourth trip to detox, it got to the point where I knew that when I left the hospital I would have nowhere to go. Luckily, I saw a poster with a phone number for Phoenix House Exeter Center, which back then was called Marathon House. I had no money, but I called—and Phoenix House saved my life by letting me in.”

Click here to find out where Debbie is today.

Debbie: A True Story of Drug Addiction and Recovery

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  • Hi my name is Brenda and im 19years old.I am having a problem with my husband Moises is 23 years old.Moises is in drug court.He been in jail.He been in rehabs.Moises been on the suboxen program and the methodone program.Moises has a drug problem and had one since he broke his foot.Before Moises and i got together he been in a relationship for five years and she killed his baby.Then he was single for three years.Then Moises and i got together.When we got together i had a daughter that is two now.Moises and I had a son and he is 9months old.Moises has bipolar and his mind snaps.When his mind snaps he goes out and uses.When Moises uses he wants to hurt himself.Moises has mental issues and drug use.Im running out of oppions.I need help.Please help me out.Please let him have a bed.Please get back to me.Please help us.Please let him have a bed please!sorry i dont have a url.

  • eedelman

    Hi Brenda, thanks for reaching out. Taking that first step is the most important, and we’re proud of you! One of our clinicians has sent you an email and will connect you with the help that you and your husband need.