Youth Services Committee Holiday Gift Drive – It’s a Wrap!

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Phoenix House Board Member Wendy Levey hosts the Phoenix House Youth Services Committee Holiday Gift Drive at her homeCongratulations to The Youth Services Committee (YSC) on a very successful Holiday Gift Drive, distributing presents for all teens spending the holidays at Phoenix Houses of New York residential treatment facilities and youth programs. We’re pleased to report everyone was very excited and touched to find gifts under the tree from Santa!

Youth Services Committee – Providing Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention Education

The Youth Services Committee is a volunteer group with a mission to support the young men and women across Phoenix Houses of New York on their road to recovery. Substance and alcohol abuse treatment and prevention education is vital in combatting teen addiction, our dedicated staff provides after-school programs and counseling for teens and their families.

In early December of 2012, the YSC began to wrap up its annual Holiday Gift Drive. More than twenty volunteers and Phoenix House staff members transformed our fearless leader and Phoenix House Foundation Board member, Wendy Levey’s dining room into Santa’s Holiday Workshop. Together, they worked feverishly to wrap nearly 300 gifts for our teens spending the holidays at Phoenix House.

Teens Struggling with Addiction – Helping Them Through the Holidays

Spending the holidays away from home can be especially tough for teens struggling with addiction and undergoing treatment. These boys and girls  will be missing family celebrations and the fun of opening gifts with their loved ones. For some, this will be the only gift they receive at this time of year – a thoughtful present may be just the thing that inspires a teen to keep up his or her hard work in treatment during the holidays. To offer them cheer and support, volunteers collect, wrap, and distribute gifts to benefit all Phoenix Houses of New York’s youth residents. The Committee provides wrapped presents, including clothing, games, toiletries, recreational activities and sporting equipment each Christmas for our teens at our treatment facilities. The students at the Phoenix House Academy of Long Island and the Phoenix House Academy of Westchester are far from home; we strive to make sure they are not forgotten during the festive season.

As part of our Holiday Gift Drive, as well as an ongoing initiative, we also encourage donations in the form of gift cards, to help us to promote contingency management within our adolescent programs. Phoenix House endorses and encourages the use of Contingency Management, particularly the clinical use of rewards, to reinforce positive behavior among the youth in our treatment programs.If you would like to support this initiative, donations can be made online year-round to the Youth Services Committee.

For more information on the Youth Services Committee and the annual Holiday Gift Drive, please contact Shauna Ross at


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