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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008


Words That Free Us: Voices of Recovery

These are boys and girls, men and women who have struggled against addiction all have battled, most have won, and their efforts have given them a new sense of self.

Derek Jeter and Charles Jeter, Ph.D.

Phoenix House has published a book Words That Free Us: Voices of

Words That Free Us Book Cover

Recovery, consisting of the intensely personal narratives of people who have come to Phoenix House to seek recovery and a fresh start. Words That Free Us: Voices of Recovery casts new light on lives disrupted by substance misuse, giving readers an understanding of what Phoenix House does, and more importantly, of the people for whom we do it. They celebrate renewal, dreams reclaimed, and hopes restored. They capture the essence of the journey from chaos and despair to self-assurance and possibility—telling of the strength they find, the demons they confront and overcome, and the new lives they begin.

To purchase a book, simply click on buy now. The cost is $30 per book unless you are a New York resident. New York residents purchase price is $32.40. All prices include shipping and handling.

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Thoughtful readers will find here a new understanding of those whose lives are disrupted by drug or alcohol abuse, for it is not addiction that defines them, but the rich and complex fabric of their humanity. They write of deeply personal themes—love, friendship, and family, faith and joy—but also own up to their fear and pain. Most write with courage, some in anger or anguish, and others with rare humor. There is a piercing kind of honesty to much of what they write, and their work has some passages of extraordinary eloquence.

About the Writers: Words That Free Us: Voices of Recovery is a compilation of deeply personal writings by Phoenix House clients and gradu­ates, their family members, and Phoenix House staff. The book contains the words of men and women, boys, and girls who have sought recovery and a fresh start at Phoenix House. Their words speak volumes—about hope and resolve, fear and fortitude—and are powerfully complemented by Larry Lederman’s evocative photography which illustrates the book.

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