Wilmer, Texas Clients Creating a New Environment

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Wilmer, TX LandscapingClients of Phoenix Houses of Texas – Wilmer DCJTC  have been working diligently in beautifying their residential homes.  Stonebrook Landscaping and Irrigation was generous in giving Phoenix House clients plants and materials to create living architecture to identify their living quarters.  As you can tell from the photos, clients are taking great pride in their homes here at Wilmer.  The efforts and accomplishments in creating these dynamic passageways is a great reminder of the Phoenix House philosophy:

“Our philosophy is that every person has an inborn dignity and self-pride.  But pride is like a young sapling that must be trained, channeled and nurtured, until it is able to become deeply rooted and stand alone, self-supported and unshakable in the conviction that its firm foundation can withstand the test of any ill wind that may attempt to uproot it.”

We are proud of our clients and the great strides that they are making in order to better benefit their lives and the lives of others.


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  • lawanna bowens

    How do you go about taking a class to be able to visit your loved one that is in treatment at Phoenix house

  • ljohnson

    Hi Lawanna, We passed your message to our clinical staff, who will reach out to you to answer your question.