Vision to Learn Returns to Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles

Friday, August 1st, 2014

ision to Learn Bus at Phoenix House in Los AngelesOn July 15 students at the Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles received their annual visit from the nonprofit Vision to Learn. Two colorfully-decorated buses visited our Lake View Terrace campus to provide free eye exams and glasses to teenagers in residence at the Phoenix House Academy. Thanks to the dedication of the guests, who help children learn and succeed at school by improving their eyesight and providing free eye examinations and glasses, 42 students from the Academy were examined by professional optometrists. Ninety percent (38 students) were found to have various vision deficiencies and required glasses.

The next stage of the annual project will be fitting the teens for glasses, selecting frames, and receiving these gifts that keep on giving in approximately one month’s time. Kelly Ruotolo, nursing supervisor at the Academy, stated, “It is a fantastic project and I’m happy to organize it for our teens. They have so many setbacks and issues that are hard to solve. Being able to see what’s written on the blackboard or in their textbook should not be one of them. Thanks to Vision to Learn, they will gain a new asset that will impact their education and their future.”

Read about Vision to Learn’s previous visit to our residential substance abuse treatment program for adolescents here.

If you or your loved one need help dealing with substance abuse and chemical dependency issues, please call:                        1 888 671 9392.

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