The Creative Expressions of a Client

Sunday, November 4th, 2012

SunsetHere at Phoenix Houses of Texas, we like to encourage clients to express themselves creatively on their road to recovery from substance abuse.  It is with pleasure that we recognize some of the writings inspired by sobriety that clients hope will help encourage others to do great things in their lives and to help bring out the talents of others.  We are pleased to publish the writings of Gregory, a client at our Phoenix House Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center:




A Toast to Sobriety
Remember when, I called you Friend
the day we very first met
It’s a day in my life, I made a sacrifice
For this time I’ll never forget
I told you things that time would bring
Which I knew would come to be
The thought of us, became a must
And now it’s you and me
A wise decision, in all its provisions
This choice I thought was best
I’ll only say to you, my heart was true
You were better than the rest
These fears I had, kind of made me mad
About the challenge I had ahead
I overcame the wall, and through it all
You were the one I chose instead
You were always my heart, from the very start
With your power I’ll never play
I’ve noticed all things that your passion can bring
On this Special Sobriety Day.

My Relapse Prevention

Backed by popular demand
The people of this city has extended us a helping hand
Out to th epeople it goes who are willing to make a change
But they know some minds can’t be rearranged, This request comes from the judges of our higher court
Still on regular probation some didn’t want to report, Now they have placed us here to obtain help
Something you couldn’t do for yourself
It’s sick to pretend this is how you want to live
Look at your childre, what do you have to give? Relief for this sickness is now in sight
But we all know it won’t happen overnight
As you know, people have recovered at alarming rates
This program is now known in over 52 states
Inside these walls, we become ten feet tall because no-touch facility
Wherefore you make a change in your thinking ability
Rise to this challenge and make right what you’ve wronged
So that you won’t go to your family singing the same old song
To overcome such a disability gives hope to our nation
Just like we as people had to stand firm against segregation
In an imperfect society is where we make our mark
Praying one day we’ll get a brand new start
All that is left for the future is a long life of detention
I refuse to let anyone sabotage “MY Relapse Prevention”

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