Texas Staff Members Motivate Clients

Monday, November 19th, 2012

SunsetAt Phoenix Houses of Texas, several of our staff members encourage our clients with their own inspirational recovery journeys. They share their success stories with those traveling the road to recovery to let them know that they are not alone in their passage to a bright new future and a brand new life.

The first story that we would like to share is that of Joseph.  Joseph is the Intensive Outpatient Counselor at our Phoenix House Academy of Austin.  Joseph oversees clinical and administrative services for our adolescent clients, including process groups, educational groups, individual counseling, family counseling and support services.

Joseph explains that he realized he had a substance abuse problem when he stole from his mother: “That was just not how I was raised and definitely not the person that I wanted to be.” Joseph celebrates his sobriety birthday on July 21st and has accomplished more than four years of sobriety.  He says that his role models are anyone he has met who has been sober even one day.  Joseph credits his wife (who is also in recovery), his children, his mother, and his grandmother as his main support system.  He is also grateful for the support of the men that he gets to work with in his personal recovery.

The road to recovery isn’t always easy.  There can be difficulties on this chosen path. Joseph says that his largest difficulty in sobriety has been the occasional idea that, “I’ve got this thing licked.” He has to keep in mind that he is not “cured” of the disease; he must remain vigilant about maintaining his sobriety. He has overcome this struggle by staying connected with his 12-step home group, continually working with a sponsor and trying to be of service to his community as a whole.

Joseph recognizes that his recovery has definitely led him to working in the field of substance abuse treatment.  He said, “Nothing made me as happy as sharing with others what had been so freely given to me.” He tells clients, “If you are willing to put just a little effort into the initially uncomfortable recovery process, you will get a whole new life and a whole new you beyond anything you could have ever imagined.”

If you or a loved one needs help for substance abuse, call us today at 1 888 671 9392 or send us an email.

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