Texas Drug Use Statistics and Your Teen

Friday, December 5th, 2014

1286420Research conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 41% of high school students in Texas have experimented with marijuana at least once in their life. Twenty-three percent of high school students reported that they tried alcohol for the first time under the age of 13 and 23% also reported consuming five or more drinks in a row within a couple of hours on at least one day in the last 30 days. The staff at Phoenix House Texas works daily with the students behind these numbers.

Jayson Pratt, the Director of the Hill A. Feinberg Academy in Dallas, Texas notes that the following are signs to look for in order to determine if your loved one is using drugs and/or alcohol.

• Easily irritable, agitated, or violent
• Change of friends/isolation
• Frequently and easily tearful
• Threatens or acts out harm to self and/or others
• Frequent lying or stealing
• Distinct change in grades and/or school attendance

Any deviation from normal behavior patterns is a clear warning sign. If your child seems “off” or distant on a frequent basis, there is likely a reason behind that change.

Phoenix House Texas is passionate about helping your loved ones get the appropriate treatment that they need. The master’s-level clinicians at Phoenix House Texas are prepared for your family’s unique situation and are ready to assist you and your family. We recognize that substance abuse affects the entire family and encompasses every aspect of your child’s life. Our treatment incorporates truly individualized programming, daily experiential outings, on-site education through DISD/AISD, and psychiatric evaluations, in order to see that your child is given the greatest opportunity for success. Our Texas Academies utilize our I CAN model, which allows our clinicians to truly individualize each client’s treatment by using person-centered therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, as well as reality therapy.

Every day, Phoenix House Texas helps adolescents and adults who are suffering from addiction in Austin, Dallas, and Houston. Find out more about our programs and services, or call us today at: 888 671 9392.

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