Program Director Susan Vogl & Linda Mahoney Are Guest Speakers at Student Assistant Services Conference

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012
Susan Vogl

Susan Vogl (L) LICSW, Director Phoenix House Drug Court, Linda Mahoney, (R) Mental Health Administrator, BHDDH

Susan Vogl, LICSW, Program Director, Phoenix House Juvenile Drug Court in Rhode Island and Linda Mahoney, Administrator, Department of Behavioral Healthcare, Developmental Disabilities, and  Hospitals (BHDDH), were guest speakers at an all-day conference on January 24 presented by the Rhode Island Student Assistance Services, an agency that provides substance abuse prevention and early intervention services to school and communities statewide.  The meeting opened with discussion regarding current trends in adolescent substance use.  Information was also provided on various categories of drugs, (including synthetic cannabis, “bath salts” and salvia), the slang names used for the various drugs, current treatment programs  addressing adolescent drug use, the role of the Drug Court and current legislation being written to stop the sale of currently legal substances including salvia, synthetic cannabis, and bath salts.

Susan Vogl currently serves on the Drug Prevention Committee North Kingstown High School and was recommended as a speaker at the conference by one of the group’s Student Assistance Service staff members.




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  • mervin {rico} warren

    Hi Linda, i am e mailing u at this time so i could get a better understanding on what u were asking of me to write , when we spoke after the event at the Marriot function lastnight. please, email me back and hope u have a blessed night. Thanks

  • Robin

    I was wondering if this Susan Vogl was still with you? I worked with her years ago and wanted to let her know how much I appreciated her. She was awesome and we miss her! She’s a TRUE asset to any person or company!