Steve Lobel, Mann and Bizzy Bone Motivate Students at Phoenix House Academy in Los Angeles

Monday, December 10th, 2012
John Morabito of Phoenix House and Steve Lobel Music Producer

John Morabito, Music Director of Phoenix House and Steve Lobel Music Producer

At Phoenix House we do what it takes to help teens undergoing treatment for drug and/or alcohol abuse and addiction. Teens love music, and learn how to make music and rap at our Phoenix Rising Music Program, directed by John Morabito at the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles. John spends long hours in the studio with the teens. He also brings his friends, producers and recording artists to make motivational presentations about the success they achieved without drug or alcohol.

On November 9, 2012, the Music Program presented a noted music producer, Steve Lobel, with a group of rap musicians, led by rap and hip hop artists Mann (Buzzin’) and Bizzy Bone (Bone Thugs N Harmony).  Steve had an amazing motivational story to tell – raised in a disadvantaged home, he started living on his own quite early, and never went to college. Instead, fascinated by rock and other genres, he started working in the music business and gradually made his way to the top.

Steve credits his success to perserverance, integrity, and hard work.  Told he couldn’t make it, he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer and instead worked tirelessly to accomplish his goals. All the way through, he focused on what was important to him – friendships, relationships, and positive, creative thinking.  It’s difficult to achieve success in the highly competitive music world, but he did it. Staying away from drugs and alcohol helped Steve stay focused.

Phoenix Rising Music Program Guests: Mann, Steve Lobel and Bizzy Bone (with John Morabito, Director)

Phoenix Rising Music Program Guests: Mann, Steve Lobel and Bizzy Bone (with John Morabito, Director)

To show what he’s doing and the type of music he works with, he brought two rap musicians, Mann and Bizzy Bone who performed for the assembled residents of the Academy. But before their energetic performance, greatly enjoyed by the audience, Phoenix House residents had the chance to ask questions and talk to someone who started like them – rising from poverty by the strength of his character. Their questions touched upon all aspects of Steve’s life and career. Some students wanted to know how he did it, what was the key to his success. Others wanted to hear about his private life and people who helped him. Others still were asking for advice for their future – what to do to become famous.

The visit was organized by a new project of Steve Lobel called WeWorking, a motivational school tour bringing music to various nonprofit community based organizations. After the Q & A session Steven and the musicians visited our Phoenix Rising Music Program studio – a professional, fully-equipped recording studio, built with the support of Kara DioGuardi and supported by the Brent Shapiro Foundation, Home Recording Boot Camp, and many others. Many young people dream about success in the music world. Steve Lobel made it and now shares his way to the top, against all odds. . . We hope that this new relationship with Phoenix House will continue.

To find out more about the Phoenix Rising Music Program, or if you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, call us today at: 1 888 671 9392.


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  • Kleider Estreda

    Hello and thanks 4 your time my name is kleider Estrada and I have a cousin that loves music he is 22 years old and he raps and produces his own music a real talent unfortunately his a drug user and would like to know how can we get your program to help and the cost (562)805-92-72 is my contact number I know wit the right help he can be successful thanks

  • eedelman

    Hi Kleider, thank you for taking this important first step and reaching out for help. We have emailed you for more information and are looking forward to assisting you and your cousin on his recovery journey. Best wishes and hope to hear from you soon.