Stella Adler Studio’s Summer Acting Workshops Receive Rave Reviews from Clients

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

acting expression therapeutic drug rehab phoenix houseThe rave reviews are in from clients of Phoenix House Career Academy and Phoenix House Residential Program in Long Island City as the weekly acting workshops at our Brooklyn location with the Stella Adler School of Acting’s Outreach Ambassadors move to our Long Island City treatment facility. More than 30 clients participated in these enlightening and inspiring sessions. Everyone is looking forward to resuming classes and working on a new performance piece. We share a few heartfelt testimonials from our clients:

“The class has meant a great deal of freedom to me – freedom to open my mind, relax, express myself, to feel normal and whole.”

“Thank you to everyone from Stella Adler. You helped me to face my demons; I’ve begun healing by cleansing my soul.” 

“I love class and I want to thank you for allowing me to realize a talent I didn’t know I had. It changed my life.” 

“My time spent has been so enriching and therapeutic. It has been a highlight of my week whenever I attend.” 

“I never imagined healing through laughter, but both times I’ve attended, my soul was uplifted and experienced hope. Thanks.” 

“I feel honored and blessed to be a part of this great opportunity. I can’t wait to go to LIC.” 

“I appreciate the opportunity to be able release some stress, step outside of my character and comfort zone and to ultimately escape from some of harsh realities that I have faced. I think the future is much brighter and I see Stella Adler in my future.” 

“My journey is just beginning but already I know it will be life changing. I’m incredibly moved, enriched, and inspired by the classes at Phoenix House.” 

We are so proud of this partnership and the potential it allows our clients to realize within themselves. Our deepest thanks and hats off to all the actors and staff of the Stella Adler Studio.

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