Sobriety Goes Social

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

If the early 21st century has proved one thing to be true, it’s that “social” is king. Everywhere you turn, you face a bombardment of Facebook “like” buttons, Twitter handles, contests, games and more from brands, bands, friends, and anyone/anything else that can have a social presence. Social media are the easiest methods for companies to interact with their customers and for friends to connect across long distances. The online social trend is constantly moving into new spaces, and the sobriety community seems to be the latest notch on the totem pole—new social networks supporting recovery and sober life are popping up all over the web.

The notion of a sober social network makes a lot of sense. From Phoenix House to to the Partnership at, there are countless expert blogs out there devoted to information about substance abuse, treatment, and recovery. In fact, the sobriety community is one of the most active and robust niches online today. Cathy Hull, blog editor of, started blogging to bring more awareness to addiction and how it affects entire families and communities. “I felt driven to take this emotional, exhausting experience and share what I have learned in my effort to help others,” says Hull. “It has been challenging and interesting to meet so many wonderful people online who have a shared purpose, and it has brought joy and meaning to my life.”

In 2011, web users saw several online recovery innovations. App developers created a slew of sobriety tests to keep individuals from acting irresponsibly online. Social sobriety networks like are also sprouting up, offering support and amenities like video meetings and a treatment directory. From blogs to apps to networks, sober social media platforms and online tools are providing yet another valuable phase for individuals transitioning from addiction to treatment to sustained recovery. With the help of these accessible online innovations, you never have to be too far from your sober community.

This post was provided by Hickory Wind Ranch, a sober living environment in Austin, TX specializing in alcohol, drug, and prescription drug addiction.



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