SBIRT Goes to School for an Educational Scavenger Hunt!

Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Phoenix House SBIRT Team

Phoenix House Brentwood CampusSBIRT Team recently launched the first annual Drug & Alcohol Scavenger Hunt at Wyandanch Memorial High School. The school-wide event allowed students to have fun while learning vital facts on the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Students on the hunt searched throughout the school to find answers to questions and riddles related to drugs and alcohol. Our goal was to facilitate discussion amongst the students, enabling them to think, talk, and learn more about the various ways drugs and alcohol can effect their lives. Wyandanch faculty and staff also participated in our project to help make this event a wonderful success. Many students eagerly participated, with six lucky winners representing each grade. The winners received a gift certificate to local restaurants of their choice and also qualified for a grand prize gift basket of supplies, movie tickets, toys and other goodies. Education and prevention awareness activities ARE fun! Our SBIRT team staff are truly dedicated to spreading awareness and helping everyone in our community. Thanks to all of our participants, we look forward to next time ‘round!

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