Residents Victorious vs. Staff in Quiz Game

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016

“The secret of lastinStarting the Jeopardy Game at Phoenix House Orange Countyg recovery is knowing how to have fun,” declared Brendan Kavanaugh, Program Director of Adult Treatment Services in Santa Ana, while announcing the start of a residents vs. staff Jeopardy!-style game on March 29. Residents and staff took part in a celebration of spring day to share meals, enjoy competitive games and sports, and connect to peers, family and friends. While evidence-based groups and individual counseling are important, sober fun is also vital to success of the treatment experience.

After a hearty meal of pizza and BBQ wings, prepared by the talented chef, Jeremy Massie, the residents and staff gathered for a spirited Jeopardy! game. Emily LeBouf, Project Administrator, designed the game board and questions. With the assistance of Justina Butcher, Emily hosted the game, fielding answers from participants, who “buzzed” in their responses. The categories were: TV Shows, TC Concepts, Movie Quotes, Educational, Movie Trivia, All Things Disney, and Sports. Sample questions? “Where does Robin Hood live? Which is the only country to have played in each and every World Cup? What is the only letter that does not appear in a name of a U.S. state? Which planet has the largest moon: Earth, Jupiter, or Saturn?”

Brendan Kavanaugh opens the Jeopardy Game at Phoenix House Orange County.Outnumbered, staff scored only 2,000 points and were summarily trounced by the residents with 7,400 points. This entertaining and educational Jeopardy! game was followed by kickball with enthusiastic participation among staff and residents alike. The positive energy was palpable, as all loudly cheered along the participants on both sides.

Phoenix House provides outpatient and residential treatment for adults in Venice and Santa Ana, and treatment for teens in Los Angeles. If you or your loved one needs help, please do not hesitate to call our toll-free number today: 888 671 9392.

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