Recovery Celebration – Phoenix House Florida Citra Center

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Florida’s Phoenix House Citra Center held a Celebration of Recovery on November 5, 2011, as some thirty individuals were recognized for their completion of the program. More than two hundred people were in attendance, including current clients, alumni, family members, Phoenix House staff, and members of the community.  The Celebration began with a powerful multi-media presentation, set to the song “Hero.” Combining video and still images of numerous Phoenix House clients and staff members, the presentation likened the trials and triumphs of early recovery to a hero’s journey.

After brief opening comments by Program Director Chuck Birch, emphasizing the day’s theme, a number of clients and staff members were presented with awards, including Best Role Model, Most Helpful, and Most Knowledgeable.

Citra Center’s Celebration of Recovery has established itself as a new tradition, replacing the old graduation ceremony and its connotations of completion with a sense of attaining a milestone in a lifelong journey of recovery.


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