Recovery Blooms at Springfield Gardens Community Residence

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

clients create new garden

The change of seasons is a time our clients enjoy, since it’s a time to plant new blooms and beautify their facilities. Everybody gladly volunteers to prepare the grounds for new flower beds and flowers. Clients of Phoenix House Mental Health Community Residence in Springfield Gardens eagerly rolled up their sleeves to add new flowers and hardy plants to the grounds; a welcome change from the everyday buildings and pavement of their Queens neighborhood.

Gardening is a wonderful hobby, encouraging creativity, meditation, and reflection on nature’s beauty.  Nurturing a bountiful garden increases self-esteem and a sense of renewal and accomplishment for those involved. This activity is widely enjoyed by our clients.

Phoenix House Mental Health Community Residence in Springfield Gardens serves individuals diagnosed with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health concerns. Our residential programs provide comprehensive treatment within a safe, structured, and supportive living environment. We focus on stabilizing acute symptoms of mental illness and helping our clients develop the skills necessary to lead healthy, drug-free lives.

Find out more about the programs and services offered at Phoenix House, or call our toll-free number today: 1 888-671-9392.

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