Reconnection, Reverence and Respect For Healthy Recovery: East Hampton Outpatient’s Yoga Group

Wednesday, June 6th, 2012

Phoenix House East Hampton Outpatient Program Yoga Enhances Recovery

Three mornings a week at the Phoenix House East Hampton Outpatient Program, Director Annemarie Carangelo (also a certified Sivananda Yoga instructor), leads clients in a special group in mindful awareness to aid in recovery and stress management with light stretching/free movement yoga. As past addictions take a physical toll on body, mind, and spirit, practicing yoga is healing and transformative; our clients have felt positive results and self-motivated to become healthier overall. Many have decided to change their eating habits and increase their exercise regimen outside these sessions since their anxiety has lessened and their stamina has improved. Biking, dancing, and walking are a few of the additional exercises clients are practicing at home. Yoga has led the way for our clients to reconnect with their bodies, regain respect for themselves, and enhance their recovery regimens.

A Wednesday night meditation group is also available to our clients – mindfulness is a key factor of many evidence-based treatments and vital to recovery. In addition to the various outpatient treatment services available to clients of the Phoenix House East Hampton Outpatient program, we are proud to enhance treatment with these innovative, relaxing sessions.



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