Recognition Ceremony for Dallas GED Graduates

Sunday, November 18th, 2012

Dr. Michael Noyes and Joyce JonesPhoenix House Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center has recently incorporated a new GED program as a part of the treatment process at this facility.  Clients are able to attend classes  led by Joyce Jones, Vocational Counselor, to study and prepare to take their GED exams.  Once clients feel that they have gained enough knowledge and are comfortable with the materials necessary for the exam, they are given the opportunity to test.

On October 5th, 2012, Phoenix House Dallas County Judicial Treatment Center conducted its first GED Graduation Ceremony.  Clients who have recently accomplished passing the GED exam in September were recognized for their hard work, dedication and achievement.  There was a total of six students who passed the test and received honor of recognition.  Dr. Michael Noyse and Joyce Jones, Vocational Counselor and Family Education Coordinator, presided over the graduation.

The following poem was referenced and read during the ceremonial:

Opportunity Knocks
Opportunity knocks but once,
That’s what I hear folks say.
But though it taps your door just once,
It  comes ‘most every day.
It’s there just for the taking.
It doesn’t cost a dime.
Just recognize the sound you hear,
and reach that door in time.

Being a part of this process gives clients a great sense of achievement and enables them to further advance themselves once they are complete with their treatment program and re-establish themselves in society outside of the program facility.

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