Puppy Love!

Saturday, April 14th, 2012
Casey, a Labrador Retriever


In 2008, the Citra Men’s and Women’s Programs had the opportunity to be introduced to Casey, a six-year-old Labrador Retriever rescued from the streets.  Casey made his home at the men’s program until 2011 at which point he was adopted by the women’s program.  The women readily began to nurture him and he took no time at all in making friends with all the clients and staff.  He serves as a source of unconditional love and is an excellent listener and loyal friend to all.  Research has proven that animals can provide assistance in the recovery of addiction as noted in an O The Oprah Magazine article featuring Zack Skow, the founder of  Marley’s Mutts, an organization specializing in dog rescue.   Zack says that animals gave him the strength to find sobriety, stating,  “They were throwaway dogs, and there was a time when I felt like a throwaway human being.  They’ve experienced a metamorphosis, and so have I.”   We know Casey can bring love, strength, and inspiration to our Citra clients and help them in their journeys of recovery.

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