Pumpkins, Parades, and Pinatas – California Programs Celebrate Halloween

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Halloween Flyer from Phoenix House VeniceThis year’s Halloween parties at Phoenix House residential substance abuse treatment programs in Santa Ana, Lake View Terrace and Venice brought families and residents together for holiday fun.

Employees came dressed in their Halloween best in Venice as they hosted a part for families and children of residents. A special thanks goes out to James Vaughn for securing toy donations to be awarded as prizes to children. Lisa Burrell prepared a fun Halloween meal that included chili dogs, chips and salsa, salad, popcorn, and dessert. Along with family members, guests included representatives from partnering agencies, clients from the Residential Program in Santa Ana, and volunteers who provided musical entertainment. Guests enjoyed face painting, a costume contest, a pumpkin carving contest, musical chairs, a piñata for the children, a puppet show put on by clients, dancing, karaoke, a raffle, and good old-fashioned fun and fellowship.

Akilah Templeton, MSW, Program Director concluded: “It was an honor and a privilege to watch our clients interact with their families in a clean and sober environment. Clients from Venice and Orange County joined together to recite the Phoenix House Philosophy. Everyone left with a grab bag full of goodies. If you missed the event, we look forward to seeing you next year!!”

Pumpkins for Halloween at Phoenix HouseThe same Friday saw a fantastic talent show at the Academy in Los Angeles, entitled “The Scarecase,” and including presentations by singers, dancers, rappers, comedians, storytellers, and a variety of music acts and skits. Staff and residents participated in a parade and competition for the most creative costume. Clowns, ghouls, zombies, and a variety of unusual creatures filled the room to listen to inspiring music written and performed by counselors and youths. The afternoon ended with a dance party, successfully showing teens how to have sober and clean fun without drugs or alcohol.

The Halloween celebrations for residents, their children, and families in Santa Ana also featured a talent show, as well as a barbecue, with ample tasty treats prepared by the facility’s own master chef, Jeremy Massie. Fun was in the air as clients and residents laughed and admired each others’ fanciful outfits and performances.

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