Public Official Open House at Feinberg Academy

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Dallas Prevention TeamWe are grateful to community members who joined us to learn more about the great work of Phoenix Houses of Texas.  Local Public Officials were invited to attend an Open House event hosted by Phoenix Houses of Texas Feinberg Academy to illustrate services that we believe to be very meaningful to the Dallas area.  We were honored to have had the opportunity to explain the impact of our programs on the lives of thousands of Texans each year. It was a pleasure to show our esteemed visitors first-hand how every day we are helping thousands of men, women, and children overcome drug and alcohol abuse. We were able to share amazing stories of how these people go on to lead productive, drug-free lives.

Since 2002, the Hill A. Feinberg Academy has been a beacon of hope for families struggling with addiction in Dallas. The residential and outpatient programming provided here changes the lives of Dallas area teens and adults every day. Additionally, we provide prevention education programming to grades 1 -12 in DISD, AISD and HISD schools and we operate a Dallas County Corrections Department alternative to incarceration facility in Wilmer.

Last year Phoenix House touched over 27,000 lives in the state of Texas through these programs. Our outreach has only been possible through the generous support of our donors, public officials, and the leadership of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Houses of Texas.

We are so grateful for the long-standing and new partnerships that have been forged in Texas that connect the court systems, police, healthcare providers and Phoenix House together. DSHS and Northstar agencies enable us to provide care to the vulnerable teens and families that need Phoenix House care the most.

We are grateful to all who participated in support of the Phoenix House mission. Thank you for all that you do to make Dallas a better place for our children and families.

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