Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic Talks Teen Pill Abuse

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

FOX 5 News recently interviewed Deborah Taylor, Senior Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Director, and a Phoenix House client for a story about the growing problem of teen prescription drug abuse. Approximately 2500 kids begin abusing prescription drugs each day, and prescription drugs are the top drug of choice among kids aged 12 and 13. Ally, now 20, began abusing prescription drugs at the age of 16 and tried two different treatment programs before coming to Phoenix House. She described the dangers of abusing prescription drugs, the pain of addiction, and her path to recovery. Deborah Taylor cautioned that pill abuse can be “Russian roulette” and that combining different prescription drugs–a common practice at “pharm parties”– can be lethal. Ally is now four months into recovery at Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic.

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