Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic Shares its Story with the Community

Tuesday, March 6th, 2012

Every month, Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic opens its doors to members of the Washington Metropolitan Area community, hosting a friendship tour at the Joseph M. Kline Building in Arlington. This hour-long event includes a comprehensive presentation and tour of the Boys Recovery Lodge and Phoenix Program residential facility. Trained and experienced staff members, including Dr. Kevin Doyle, Vice President and Director of Enhancement, offer an introduction to the Mid-Atlantic programs and explain the nuances of addiction, in general.

Kevin Doyle of Phoenix House

Kevin Doyle, VP and Director of Enhancement, and Edd Nolen, Board Member, host a Friendship Tour in Arlington.

Perhaps the most poignant part of the evening is the panel discussion, which features three clients who are currently in treatment and have volunteered to share their stories with our guests.

As the clients introduce themselves to the members of the community, it is evident that addiction is non-discriminatory, impacting people from every walk of life. From stories of homelessness and prison to corporate America and prestigious universities, clients share their previous life experiences and how the treatment offered at Phoenix House has ultimately changed their perspectives. As the guests ask questions, it is also apparent that the stigma that was once associated with addiction has gradually dissipated. No longer is addiction a secretive problem that no one discusses. Instead, addiction is an issue that can be talked about in an open forum, such as the one that Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic offers.

We thank all of the clients at Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic who have shared their recovery stories with our guests. We also thank all of the supporters in the community who have shown an interest in our work. If you are interested in attending one of these tours, please contact the Phoenix Houses of the Mid-Atlantic’s Development Coordinator, Lauren Zapf, at The next tour date will be Tuesday, April 3rd. We hope to hear from you!

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