Phoenix Houses of Texas Extend Knowledge of Addiction

Tuesday, October 9th, 2012

Phoenix House Staff at TAAP ConferenceFriday, clinical staff from Phoenix Houses of Texas attended a local symposium, “Acute to Chronic:  The New Model of Addiction Treatment“, to better understand the truths of addiction so that they may better serve our Texas clients and clients throughout the states. Articles of interest at the symposium were:

– “The Brain and Recovery:  An Update on the Neuroscience of Addiction”, led by Keynote Speaker Kevin McCauley, MD, Co-founder of The Institute for Addiction Study and a co-creator of Applied Recovery Salt Lake City, Utah.

-“What We Have Learned in the Clinical Setting:  Translating Knowledge of Brain Function Into Treatment”, directed by Mark Williamson, MD, Medical Director, Psych Response Team, Memorial Hermann Prevention and Recovery Center in Houston, TX.

– “Disease Management – A Sustainable Model for the Future of Treatment”, led by Kevin McCauley, MD.

– “Integration of Holistic Measures as an Adjuvant in the Treatment of Addictions:  Optimizing the Baseline“, presented by Rey Ximenes, MD, FIPP, Pain Management Specialist, The Pain and Stress Management Center in Austin, TX.


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