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Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Phoenix House Music StudioTwo years ago, the Phoenix House Academy of Austin was the recipient of a state-of-the-art recording studio generously donated by Kara DioGaurdi. In 2012, we hired Music Director, Matt Smith, who has led adolescent clients at the Austin Academy to produce over 25 songs in the recording studio this year.

Creative expression through music is a tool that opens clients up to feel and express their emotions in ways they may be unable to do through other methods such as writing or talking. Anger, fear, sadness and joy are all imbued in the music produced at the Austin Academy. The music program also engages clients in a creative way, which furthers their connection to staff and fellow clients, helping promote progress in each client’s path towards recovery through clinical programming outside of the music studio.

Listen to “Freedom produced by teens in treatment at the Phoenix House Academy of Austin (written, recorded and performed by the Phoenix Rising Music Program of Austin; mixed by Matt Smith.)

Quotes taken from adolescents in treatment at the Phoenix House Academy of Austin

…”Music Studio has helped me so much I’m finally getting my feelings on paper, which is helping me feel better about my situation”

…”Music is the beginning and expression of life to me, and now that I’m in Phoenix House making music, I feel like I’ve found a new outlet and coping skill”

…”I like Music Studio because I can escape my crazy world and express the true feelings I have within. It lets my mind free itself of all these bottled up feelings I never share and maybe somewhere out in the world, I hope I’m helping someone who feels the way I feel”

…”I love going to the Studio because I can express myself and just let go of my anger and frustrations”

…” I love doing this music studio, because it lets me relieve a lot of stress. Also when I hear myself I feel alive and proud of myself”

…”I love Studio because I love music and I feel like I can’t live without music… It’s just like the beats words just… I don’t know, I just love it!”


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