Phoenix House Texas Celebrates Freedom

Monday, July 23rd, 2012

American Flag

As America unites to commemorate its independence this 4th of July, Phoenix Houses of Texas across the region came together to celebrate their own freedoms.  Freedom from addiction and dependence of drugs and alcohol.  Though their war may not be on the physical battle fields that our honored soldiers find themselves overseas, the war our clients wage over mind and will is very real, agonizing, powerful and profound.

Different activities took place across the region at various Phoenix House locations.  Throughout the day,Texas clients learned preventative measures to help them in their battle against drugs and alcohol as they supported one another and learned together how to make it through life’s daily rituals without using or abusing substances.  Clients were also encouraged to join groups and express the difficulties of the struggles they face, especially at this time, a holiday that is often celebrated in an intoxicated state.

Clients engaged in healthy activities promoting their new way of living, such as physical sports, watching a movie, or attending a cooking class.  At Phoenix House Wilmer, rows of clients saluted to an American flag displayed at each unit while a beautiful rendition of “God Bless America” played by Celine Dion.  Clients at Phoenix House Feinberg Academy were treated to a bar-b-que, after which, they enjoyed some leisure time on the basketball courts in the recreation yard.

On this special holiday, we are reminded of the glorious freedoms that we have in this wonderful country, the United States of America.  This day, Phoenix House clients everywhere are especially grateful for and proud of their freedom from drugs and alcohol.


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