Phoenix House Supports Beyoncé and World Humanitarian Day Campaign

Friday, August 17th, 2012

Beyoncé performs "I Was Here" United Nations EventBeyoncé–pop superstar and founder of Phoenix House’s Beyoncé Cosmetology Center–is lending her support to a global campaign encouraging people to commemorate August 19 by “doing something good, somewhere, for someone else.”

The World Humanitarian Day Campaign has the ambitious goal of sending the biggest social media message in history–reaching one billion people and encouraging them to do good on World Humanitarian Day. The campaign has reached 176 million people so far.

On August 10, Beyoncé gave a stunning live performance to a crowd of 1200 people gathered in honor of the Campaign. She performed “I Was Here” for celebrities, humanitarian workers and dignitaries gathered at the United Nations event, which was hosted by CNN reporter Anderson Cooper and featured his interviews with former child soldier Ishmael Beah, New York photographer Erin Dinan, and other humanitarians.

Along with her performance and video message above, Beyoncé and “I Was Here” songwriter Diane Warren will donate the video of Beyoncé’s song to the campaign. Phoenix House supports the World Humanitarian Day Campaign and encourages readers to do the same by spreading the word through social media, joining Beyoncé’s special performance on World Humanitarian Day, and by making a difference on August 19. See you there!

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