Phoenix House Students Win the 2013 Academic Bowl of Los Angeles County

Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

LACOE and Phoenix House Staff with Academic Bowl First Place TrophyOn Thursday, June 27th, 2013, Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles was proud to announce that for the first time in history, our all-male team won the first place at the 2013 Academic Bowl of the Los Angeles County Office of Education, held at the Gene Autry Museum in Griffith Park.

The annual Academic Bowl is a challenging competition that helps more than 350 students become involved with academic contests across Los Angeles County in juvenile halls, probation camps and other residential programs. The program encourages young students to gain confidence, academic enrichment and work on their teamwork skills.

Every year, Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles organizes one female and male team in order to prepare for the LACOE Academic Bowl. Both Phoenix House teams, along with the help of their coach and assistant coach, will have to spend countless hours together to prepare for the match. After two months of commitment and hard work, all contestants from both teams participate in a contest held at Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles, to compete academically and earn the chance to represent Phoenix House in the 2013 Academic Bowl, competing against students from the entire county. This year, LACOE judges selected our all-male team to be the face of Phoenix House in the final round of the 2013 Academic Bowl at the Gene Autry Museum.

Over the last month, the team sharpened their skills under the guidance of  Head Coach and LACOE teacher Florence Avognon, Asst. Coach and LACOE teacher Susan Parra, Educational Services Coordinator Antony Fratantonio, and Educational Services Counselor Marco Viteri. The well prepared students then competed against team finalists from many other LACOE schools. As a result, on Thursday, June 27, 2013, our students made their way to the finals at the Gene Autry Museum. They gave, what their coaches remembered to be, “an outshining performance.”

The Academic Bowl is comprised of three components: “Super Quiz”, which is a Jeopardy style contest containing all genres of art. Next is the “Debate”, in which all contestants must take a stand on whether they feel that art is influential to students, or if our Congress should discontinue funding our art programs here at Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles. Last but not least, the “PowerPoint” was the remaining section of the Academic Bowl. The PowerPoint match consisted of selecting a famous artist from the 1920’s era to elaborate on essential facts and demonstrate pictures of the lifestyles of the artistic time periods.

LACOE Teacher with First Place Academic Bowl Trophy of Her StudentsIn front of a large crowd, our Phoenix Academy all male-team outshined the rest of the LACOE schools, and took home the 1st Place Trophy! The success is due to the commitment of the students who were on the team, as well as the dedication and collaboration from the LACOE teachers and Educational Services staff at Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles.

We are proud to congratulate Ms. Florence Avognon, teacher at the Phoenix House Academy of Los Angeles’s high school, who was instrumental in the youngsters’ success. She was previously named by the State Department of Education as one of California’s 2012 Teachers of the Year. State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tom Torlakson said at that time: “Ms. Avognon says teachers are simply partners for a better tomorrow. Such passionate, skilled, and dynamic teachers are able to take troubled and struggling young people and direct them to a brighter tomorrow, a more promising future.”  We are proud that his words were proven true, once again, by this new success of her students!


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