Phoenix House Remembers Leslie Singer

Monday, November 14th, 2011

Earlier this month, Phoenix House Academy of Westchester lost a dedicated clinician and dear friend. Leslie Singer was integral part of the Phoenix House family for 27 years, beginning her journey as a counselor and ultimately rising to the position of Deputy Director of Clinical Services. “To say she was multi-talented would be an understatement,” says Jose Rosario, Vice President and Managing Director of our Westchester Academy. “She was a superstar. She was the glue that kept everything together.” When Rosario assumed his role at the Academy more than two years ago, one of his first actions was to promote Leslie. “She became everyone’s go-to person,” he says. “The transformation of the Academy could not have happened without her.” Her colleagues recall her gifts as a clinician and as an administrator, but what they will remember most is her kindness and compassion. “Whenever there was a birthday, she would make cupcakes for the whole unit,” says Kenneth Adams, Deputy Director of Operations. “She was the big mama of the house.” Rochelle Saks, Senior Deputy Director of the Academy, adds, “She and I were similar in that we could never hide how we felt.  I’ll miss her spirit and her smile.” Leslie’s ability to soothe and empathize made her a calming force for the Academy’s staff and for the adolescents we serve. Above all, Rosario says, “She was a dedicated mother.” Whether caring for her two beloved children or for her Phoenix House community, “Family was paramount.” The Phoenix House Academy of Westchester is planning a Celebration of Life to be held in December. For more information, please contact Bernadette Gilson, or 1 888 671 9392.

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  • Billy Lorne

    Rest in Peace, Leslie. She was my clan leader in late ’85.

  • Ali Abdul-Wahhab

    I Love And Mis Leslie Singer So Much And I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her!!!,What A Divine Spirit And Soul.She Was My Clan Leader In 1986 Before I Moved Out Of Yorktown.I Have A Beautiful Picture Of Leslie And I When I Graduated High School In Yorktown…..Peace & Harmony….,I Want To Give A Special Shout Out To Loretta Hinton, Gene Mac,Mitch Rosenthal,Sidney Hardgrave & Billy Lorne….