Phoenix House Partners with Promising Youth Alliance

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Promising Youth Alliance, PYA, is a collaboration of Boys & Girls Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Phoenix House.  PYA focuses the best practice of each partner’s program to provide comprehensive after-school programs with education in substance abuse prevention, character and leadership building programs, career development, tutors, and role models (mentors) to guide them along the way.

By combining the after school services of Boys & Girls Club, the one-to-one mentoring of Big Brothers Big Sisters and the substance abuse prevention services of Phoenix House, PYA is able to provide a new after-school model for children in the Dallas area.  Measured and assessed by the University of Texas at Dallas’ Institute for Urban Policy Research, this new approach provides a safety net of services unlike any other.

Open week days from 4 to 7 p.m., the facility offers a free, safe, inviting space for kids to have an after-school snack, get homework help, and work with mentors as needed.  Partnerships are forming with nearby schools, churches and other outreach programs.

PYA programs:  Free Education & Career Development, Free Character & Leadership Programs, Free Health & Life Skills, Free Sports & Recreation, Free Arts, Free Teen Focused Programs, Free Family Strengthening Workshops, Free Mentoring, Free Substance Abuse Prevention Education & Counseling Services.

For additional information on the Promising Youth Alliance, please call 1 888 671 9392 or go to

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