Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic’s Intern Program…Making a Difference

Thursday, January 30th, 2014


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John Petruccell chose the field of addiction because you see people who are totally open to change. John attends Marymount University and is a student at the Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic (PHMA) Internship Program.

The PHMA Internship Program’s mission is to provide a learning environment for counseling, social work, psychology, and substance abuse certification students who are interested in addiction and co-occurring disorders; to maintain relationships with local universities; to create a challenging and rewarding student experience; to promote understanding of a prevalent and destructive disease, and inspire hope that the condition is treatable.  The Program has a range of students–from certification programs to doctoral programs–beginning internships each semester, including the summer sessions. The schedule depends on the students’ program requirements and schedules, but they generally attend Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

For Petruccell, Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic offered an “opportunity to develop my group therapy techniques and work under the great counselors at Phoenix House” to get their advice and mentorship.

“I believe that our student program is among the best in the area,” said PHMA intern coordinator Jennifer Walden. “We provide a multi-faceted, high-quality learning experience that has the capacity to awaken students’ desire to devote their careers to addiction treatment.”

Since 1962, Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic has served more than 30,000 individuals struggling with substance abuse. Every day, Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic helps hundreds of people who are suffering from addiction in programs in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Find out more about our programs and services at or call us today at: 1 888 671 9392.


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