Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic Client Earns GED

Saturday, January 11th, 2014



When Daniel came to Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic’s Boys Recovery Lodge, he was determined to graduate a year ahead of his scheduled graduation in 2015. “I wanted to get my GED this year, instead of receiving my high school diploma in 2015,” he said. “Also, I wanted to start going to NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College) in April 2014.”

The staff at Phoenix House Mid-Atlantic faithfully took him to Woodson Adult High School’s learning center. Daniel did all the research and attended roughly eight classes, studying during school and during his spare time. It took about a month to get his GED.

Boys Recovery Lodge staff member, Horace Scruggs, supported and mentored him throughout the process: “He was very determined & proactive. It was an honor to help him achieve this goal.”

With a lot of hard work and resolve, Daniel was able to achieve his goal and received his GED on December 19, 2013 from Woodson while completing treatment at Boys’ Recovery Lodge, commenting, “If you’re sober you can accomplish anything!”

Since 1962, Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic has served more than 30,000 individuals struggling with substance abuse. Every day, Phoenix House Mid‐Atlantic helps hundreds of people, including Veterans, who are suffering from addiction in programs in Virginia, Maryland and DC. Find out more about our programs and services, or call us today at: 1 888 671 9392.

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