Phoenix House Helps Prevent Buying of Alcohol for Minors

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Know the lawOn November 15, Phoenix Houses of New England, as part of the North Kingstown Prevention Coalition, joined forces with local law enforcement to get the message out to adults–purchasing alcohol for minors is against the law!

Susan Vogl, Director of Juvenile Drug Court, Phoenix Houses of New England, worked with local law enforcement officials and visited stores which distribute alcohol throughout North Kingstown, Rhode Island.  Working as a team, they placed Sticker Shock labels on multi-packs of alcohol at numerous liquor stores in North Kingstown.  The message of Project Sticker Shock is to educate purchasers about the Rhode Island laws.  The lime green stickers reflect the message, “Know the law, providing alcohol to a minor is illegal.  Conviction could result in fines of up to $2,500 and/or up to one year in jail.”

As quoted in the North Kingstown View, “The practice of buying alcohol for minors was very commonplace many years ago.  There is much more awareness today.”  Throughout New England, Phoenix House program directors visit schools and hospitals, participate in community meetings and prevention coalitions–all to bring awareness to the public of the dangers of substance abuse.

With the holidays approaching, many under-age youth get together with friends, and often try to find someone willing to buy them alcohol.  This project is a reminder of the consequences.  The North Kingstown Police Department, the North Kingstown Prevention Coalition and Phoenix House are working together as partners to keep their youth and community safe.



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