Phoenix House East Hampton Outpatient Program’s Success with Celebrating Families™

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

Our Celebrating Families!™ program at Phoenix House’s East Hampton Outpatient Program has proven to be extremely successful from its inception this past June. Families meet with our staff in a supportive atmosphere conducive for sharing feelings, games, gaining knowledge, and role playing activities. Sitting down for the family meal opens the program, enhancing the bonding experience – groups flourish from this starting point. Subjects and stories discussed with our families ranged from happy childhood experiences and the importance of those early childhood friendships, manners growing up, amusement parks, sharing recreation ideas, with lots of laughter in between. Emotion charades and groups discussing the effects of alcohol and drugs added to the educational portion – learning is always fun with a lively group of staff and clients interacting in a robust exchange. We salute the staff at East Hampton Outpatient for all their hard work launching this important recovery program and wish all our clients continued success – keep it up!

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