Phoenix House Career Academy’s Herman Lozada Speaks to NY-1 News on the Dangers of Synthetic Marijuana

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Herman LozadaPhoenix House Career Academy Managing Director Herman Lozada was interviewed by NY-1  News about the increasing threat of synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 or Spice, in the community of Queens and the adjoining boroughs. Herman has attended many Community Board meetings to report on this urgent issue, in addition to finding many stores near our city schools selling this product. Herman’s aim from the start was to increase awareness of the dangers, in hopes to encourage state officials to take immediate action. The full Community Board will meet this Wednesday to vote on a proposal to the state legislature seeking a ban on this deadly substance currently sold legally as “incense” at local delis and bodegas. Check out the video of this important news story and how it has affected the community here.

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  • Pepito Joseph Caballero

    Mr. Lozada,H I am writing cause, I was going thru job searching after graduating from Westfield State University on Addiction Counselor Education. I am working Soldier On in Ma.I been on the field for a while now.My goal is to become a better Counselor in a different program,because this program is for homeless Veterans and shelter. I still do Counseling regarding Alcohol and Drug Addiction. Mr.Lozada you may remember from NYC program in Queens by T.A.S.C. I went for a violation an you was my Counselor, before leaving to Phoenix House. Thank you.