Phoenix House Career Academy’s Family Education Program Success and Growth!

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Phoenix House Career Academy’s Family Education Program growth facilitated by Managing Director, Herman Lozada.

Three months ago, a special evening program was created for families of clients at the Phoenix House Career Academy, facilitated by its Managing Director, Herman Lozada. This partnership and Family Education Program is held twice monthly, on Thursday nights. The attendance has grown from three to currently twenty families total – the room is full, as many more are interested in the opportunity to share and meet others facing common challenges as their loved ones regain their lives from substance abuse, steadily advancing on the road to recovery.

Based on overwhelming positive feedback, families are very interested to learn more about addiction and eager to become more involved in the recovery of our clients:

“The program is great – we keep our family affairs private, there aren’t many people we can talk to, the meetings allow us to learn more and meet with others who understand exactly what we are going through.”  

 “I came here to learn how to better deal with my son when he comes home, get a better understanding of addiction and learn what led him here. So far, I’ve seen many positive changes in him. We have more open conversations and he shares feelings with me he wasn’t comfortable sharing before. The entire program has helped; I think it’s great, especially for those without a strong support system at home.”

 “Getting families involved is a fantastic idea; Mr. Lozada is doing a great job here. I take notes and even started crying at one point. When you get a chance to learn from the topics, meet other people and see what they’re going through, I feel like I’m not alone. Phoenix House has been very helpful. Our son said, “Rules and structure are in place, and opportunities for growth are within the community, it’s like a world within a building. This is life.” When he was at another program, I didn’t see improvement. Now he’s able to come to us and accept responsibility for his actions.”

We salute Herman for creating this very innovative program and we congratulate all the families on their courage and willingness to join us. We are here to support clients and their families sharing their life-changing experiences and deepest feelings as they journey onward in recovery.

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