Phoenix House Career Academy’s Beyoncé Cosmetology Center Students Visit the Neal Farinah Salon

Friday, April 13th, 2012

Beyonce Cosmetology Center Students Visit Neal Farinah Salon

Students and staff of Phoenix House Career Academy’s Beyoncé Cosmetology Center booked a special appointment outside their classroom salon to visit celebrity hairstylist Neal Farinah and his stylists at his salon in Brooklyn, New York. Neal is one of the entertainment industry’s most respected and sought after hairstylists; the Neal Farinah Salon is a full service hair salon catering to each client’s unique style and personality. Our students observed Neal’s stylists at work, gained insight into technique and new styles, and took in the ambience and warm vibes of his new salon. Our students are very grateful for the opportunity to visit and gain additional tips from the pros as they enhance their vocational studies. Education is a vital tool during recovery; we are so proud to have friends like Neal to lead the way for our students.

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  • Delia Breedlove

    Hey my name is Delia and I’am a senior in high school and I’am very interested about this school and I wanted to know if I can make an appointment to come and visit the place to check it out. I think is can fit me and what I want to do in the cosmetology field. Thank you.

  • ljohnson

    Hi Delia, thanks for your interest in the Cosmetology Center. I passed your message on to a member of our team who will reach out with additional information.

  • Doreine

    After going through a difficult time in my life, I attended P.H.and their program helped me to rebuild a normal life for myself and my three wonderful daughters who neverlost hope. At that time unemployed, yet wanting my outsides to match how great my insides felt, I discovered Beyoncé’sCosmetology Center where I was pampered, getting my hair and nails done for little, at times nothing. Now years later,my daughter needs her hair done for her b’day which is Mon 8/17/15 and has few options being unemployed. I was just laid off a city job yet want my child happy, she deserves it.I remembered BCC and prayed they were still there helping those who needed to feelgood about theirselves. Thank you I will call in the morning hoping my daughter can b seen and hope they provide the service we need

  • ljohnson

    HI Doreine, Thanks for your comment. We are honored to have been a part of your journey and wish you and your daughters the best. You can reach the Cosmetology Center at 718 222 6600. –Liana Johnson, Phoenix House