Phoenix House Career Academy Welcomes Theatre Workshop with PossibleArts

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

Phoenix House Career Academy has embarked upon a new theatre workshop program for our clients, partnering  with PossibleArts and its Artistic Director, Tom Demenkoff. Tom conducts bi-weekly sessions for our our clients to develop and discover their inner actor.  With vocal and physical exercises, coaching on inflection and body language, and the importance of listening, clients are able to creatively express themselves and hone valuable communication skills. Most people “act” daily without realizing; recognizing these traits are therapeutic and educational in the recovery process. Participants of this workshop have the potential to improve their social skills, become better communicators and perhaps gain an interest in the world of professional acting in theater or film, or behind the scenes.

An additional program goal is to change how we view law enforcement; local police officers will participate in this workshop with our clients performing “West Side Story.” This exciting program will open the door to a better understanding of ourselves and lead the way to a hearty partnership of fun and collaboration. We look forward to many productive sessions and developing a new class of thespians!

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