Phoenix House Academy in San Diego Undergoes Renovation

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014

Cabin B1Phoenix House Academy in San Diego in Descanso, CA has recently undergone a renovation to provide a more comfortable, calm, and modern environment for our adolescent clients. Residential areas were painted and new doors, tiling, flooring, closets, and furniture were added as part of the remodel.

Prior to the beautification, President and Chief Executive Officer Howard Meitiner toured the facility and shared the motivation and inspiration to go forth with this remodeling project to provide improved living quarters for the teen residents.

Cabin D2

Residents and staff at the facility are enjoying the newly-remodeled cabins immensely. The warm colors and new decor creates an inviting, positive atmosphere, already made special by the Academy’s beautiful natural surrounding.

One resident of the facility shared her thoughts on the changes: “The recent improvements have made Phoenix House feel and look more like a home. It helps eliminate stress and anxiety when you walk into a room that feels welcoming and warm. I appreciate everything that everyone who contributed did to make the facility what it is today.”

In addition to all the hard work, sweat, and effort that were put into this worthwhile project, there was one last thing  to do to finish the job. With the help of actor/director and Phoenix House Academy in San Diego alumnus Sky Soleil, a short video tour of the updated Academy was created to highlight the comforting atmosphere of the remodeled facility and the spectacular and peaceful natural landscape that surrounds it.

Phoenix House Academy in San Diego

If your loved one – a son, daughter, or friend – needs help dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues, please do not hesitate to call us at 1 888 671 9392. At Phoenix House Academy in Descanso, experienced and caring professionals offer effective counseling and treatment that will have lasting results. We are here to help.

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