Phoenix House 185th Street Basketball League Champs!

Monday, May 19th, 2014

Phoenix House 185th Street basketball client athletes

Phoenix House 185th Street Short Term Residential Program’s basketball team are the newly crowned Champions of the TCA Winter Basketball League in New York City. Our clients from 185th triumphed over the Odyssey House team, taking the big win in their division. They made it all the way to the Championship finals, along with our team from Phoenix House Long Island City Center (last year’s reigning Champions). We are very proud of the clients representing their teams from our Phoenix House New York treatment facilities.

Our client athletes and coaches strive to excel on the court as they participate in the league’s seasonal play. Besides showcasing their athletic abilities, our clients demonstrate leadership skills, teamwork, composure, and focus on executing plays. Team sports are instrumental in helping to focus on sober recreational activities during residential treatment for substance abuse problems and help emphasize healthy recovery habits. Our men have excelled on the court this season with confidence, teamwork, and unity. The TCA (Therapeutic Communities Association) Basketball League has been in place for many years and we are very proud to participate. Congratulations to our players, coaches, and fans and we look forward to next season.

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