Library Time Benefits Mothers and Children in Lake Ronkonkoma

Monday, March 30th, 2015

mother and child programs nurture toddlers

The Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Mother and Child Program partners with local community sources to provide an enriching educational and recreational experience for our clients in treatment and their young children. For more than a year, Lisa and Nancy, the librarians of Sachem Public Library in Holbrook have provided interactive puppet play, reading, and music time every Tuesday to our mothers and their toddlers. Library time is a treat for our moms, and their great turnout every week shows how much they appreciate it. We are grateful to Lisa and Nancy for their warm hospitality as they introduce our moms and babies to these nurturing activities. We strive to help our Phoenix House families on their road to recovery all year long.

The Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Mother and Child Program provides a nurturing environment for women who enter substance abuse treatment while pregnant or caring for young children (up to two years old).  Mothers receive treatment, which focuses on behavioral change, relapse prevention, developing parenting skills, reuniting families, and rebuilding family relationships. Meanwhile,  professionals care for their children at our on-site Child Development Center, where they also receive developmental evaluations and pediatric care.

Find out more about the programs and services offered at Phoenix House Lake Ronkonkoma Campus, or call our toll-free number today: 1 888 671 9392.

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