A Lesson in Giving from the School of Rock

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The Phoenix House Dallas Associates Group has been opening doors of opportunity for our Dallas youngsters in many different ways. This “Service Arm” of volunteers has built a very successful mentoring program over the last year and, twice a month, invited local professionals from a variety industries to come to the Phoenix House Academy of Dallas and explain to our clients how they entered into their individual careers. From photographers, to DEA agents, to chefs – if the clients have expressed interest in a particular occupation, the Associates find someone who is in the field.

Recently, the Academy welcomed Mr. Dean Tarpley, co-owner of School of Rock in Dallas, TX. The clients listened intently as Mr. Tarpley explained the School of Rock music education program and, more importantly, the benefits and opportunities that living a sober life will afford them. One teenager named Martin was especially intrigued.

Martin is a self-taught guitarist with a lot of talent and potential. Noticing Martin’s innate skill, his family took him to audition at the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts. Although his ability in playing the guitar is excellent, being self-taught, Martin lacked the music theory knowledge that is a requirement for the program. After Mr. Tarpley’s presentation, Martin expressed to Dean his interest in music, guitar and a potential career in the music industry. Dean graciously offered to take Martin on a tour of the School of Rock.

During Martin’s tour, he met with Wendy Murphy, director of the Dallas School of Rock, and the rest of the staff. Impressed by his ability, they generously offered him a scholarship to their program. This scholarship gives Martin the opportunity to attend weekly individual lessons throughout the summer, as well as a three hour band rehearsal to prepare for a performance at the “Revisiting Live Aid” concert in September. Martin’s new guitar instructor, who has a degree in music, assured Martin that he’ll teach all the music theory knowledge Martin will need to pass his next audition at the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts.

Phoenix House is so grateful to the Associates Group for recognizing this need to expose the clients at the Academy of Dallas to what exciting things may await when they pursue their dreams. Furthermore, we are incredibly grateful to Dean Tarpley, Wendy Murphy, and the rest of the School of Rock staff for taking an interest in Phoenix House and our clients. With friends like you, we are making a big difference in our community!

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