Keeping Our Promise to Veterans

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

US FlagIn his opinion piece The Antithesis of Charity: Investing in Our Future by Keeping Our Promise to Veterans, Eli Williamson, Co-Founder and President of Leave No Veteran Behind and a veteran of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, discusses how “keeping our promise to our returning veterans and investing in them so that they can positively impact our nation’s future is not charitable…it is simply the smart thing to do.”

As Mr. Williamson explains, it is not possible for the Department of Veterans Affairs to solely maintain the vast array of supports veterans’ need, especially when “unconscionable cuts to services and benefits” are on the table. By filling service delivery gaps, nonprofits such as Phoenix House ensure that our country is able to provide veterans and their families with the care and respect they deserve – thereby helping our nation fulfill its promise to those who have served.

Of course, Phoenix House can’t sustain our Services for the Military Community without the generosity of private donors, and a key part of Mr. Williamson’s message is that we really are all in this together – that when we support America’s veterans we’re not only helping to secure their success, but our own. In Mr. Williamson’s words, “To not leverage our returning veterans’ talents would be self-defeating and a crime against our future children who are in desperate need of leadership and heroes.”  We at Phoenix House couldn’t agree more.

Read Mr. Williamson’s full commentary on the Huffington Post.

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