Iggy the Iguana Brings Joy to Clients and Staff at Phoenix House Youth Shelter!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Everyone at Phoenix House Youth Shelter, located in Pascoag, RI, was surprised last Christmas with the arrival of a new mascot.  Iggy the Iguana was delivered to the center over the holiday season last year and has become a family member.


Iggy Enjoying Snack Time

Iggy was donated by Anna Znoski who has for the past several years overseen a holiday giving project with 15 other women.  Every year the women collect gifts for the residents of the Shelter and deliver them for Christmas.  Last year among the gifts was a special surprise that has brought the clients hours of fun.  Iggy is cared for, fed, taken for walks and loved by the clients and staff.  The clients take pride in the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Phoenix House Youth Shelter provides short-term residential care for adolescent boys ages 14 to 17.  Located on the campus of Phoenix House Academy at Wallum Lake, it provides a supportive environment allowing teens to attend local schools and adjust to a safe, healthy lifestyle supported by positive reinforcement and peer-to-peer role modeling.  Our highly qualified staff members work closely with social workers, case managers, and the justice system to help our young residents acquire the life skills they need to become productive members of society and achieve successful family reunification.


Iggy Riding Piggy Back with one of the Clients








Phoenix House Youth Shelter clients and staff look forward to many more holiday seasons with Iggy!

Find out more about programs and services at Phoenix House Youth Shelter, or call us today at 1 888 671 9392.

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