Hill Feinberg: Board Leadership Award Finalist

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Hill Feinberg with Phoenix House Feinberg Academy graduate Mariela.

We are honored to announce that Hill A. Feinberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Phoenix Houses of Texas, Inc., has been named as a finalist of the 2011 Center for Nonprofit Management’s Excellence in Board Leadership Award. This award is given to an exceptional board leader in the Dallas community who links bold vision and ambitious plans to financial support, expertise and a network of influence, while ensuring that the organization has the infrastructure and internal capacity it needs.  This individual is mission-driven and strategic-thinking and works in constructive partnership with the executive director.  This award will be presented to a board chairperson or board member who has made a significant contribution to the community and long-term impact on the organization and whose leadership exhibits best practices in nonprofit governance.

Hill Feinberg speaking at the award luncheon.

We are incredibly grateful for the visionary leadership of Hill A. Feinberg in furthering our mission in Texas, and we look forward to November 11, when the 2011 Excellence in Board Leadership will be announced at the Center for Nonprofit Management’s Night of Light gala.

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