Halloween Party at Teen Recovery Center in Carlsbad

Monday, October 27th, 2014

Pumpkins for Halloween at Phoenix House, CarslbadAn important lesson all teens learn while undergoing treatment for substance abuse issues is to have fun. Sober fun. Actual laugh-out-loud fun. What better time than Halloween? What better place than the Teen Recover Center in Carlsbad?  On October 30, teenagers enrolled in outpatient and intensive outpatient programs will bring their parents and families to the offices, transformed for the evening into a Halloween party.

The event will include holiday decorations, pumpkins, a potluck dinner, games, a raffle for  a well-stocked food basket that will be filled with delicious treats and useful household items, and, to top off the evening, there will be not one, but two, Halloween costume contests.

Madeline Lewis and Graciela Baron Counselors at TRC CarlsbadThe more traditional of the two will be a contest for the costumes that the teens wear themselves and that they arrive in. The second contest is a bit more original and will stretch the teens’ creativity.  They will be judged on a costume that they create using only the materials provided on site, such as toilet paper. There may be many mummies or perhaps snowmen. What is certain, is that there will be lots of laughter.

This annual event is coordinated by two outstanding counselors, Graciela Baron and Madeline Lewis, who work under the leadership of Courtney Boatman, Program Manager.  The counselors  obtain items for the raffle food baskets and for refreshments and seek donations from local business that are happy to help teens in their treatment.

With the help of Phoenix House’s effective treatment services, provided by highly-dedicated professional staff, they can enjoy their recovery as well as quality time with their families.

If you or your loved one needs help in dealing with substance abuse issues in San Diego area, please call 1 888 671 9392


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